State Machines are everywhere

The Finite State Machines is a concept we don’t pay enough attention to. It allows us to model behavior in a way that’s expressive and easy to understand.

Once you understand how to build state machines in Swift, you’ll see them everywhere! You’ll be able to extract complex behavior and test it easily. They’ll be like your secret weapon against complexity.

What you’ll learn

In this workshop, we’ll refresh everyone’s understanding of state machines, then look at patterns of how to implement them in Swift.

Then, we’ll look at how we can integrate them into our apps to ensure

And of course, we’ll make sure everything is tested as well!


  • What is a state machine and why are they useful
  • How to build a state machines in Swift
  • Using state machines to drive coordinators
  • Using state machines to drive container view controllers
  • Using state machines to drive animations


A Mac running the latest version of Xcode.


Frank has been an active member of the iOS developer community since the time of felt and linen backgrounds. He loves to share his enthusiasm for iOS and Swift with students through straight-forward, easy to understand instruction.

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