Getting started with Voice Over UIKit Accessibility

Voice Over, Apple’s screen reader technology, helps users with impaired vision use iOS with incredible efficiency. However, it needs help from developers to make the experience truly great.

What you’ll learn

In this workshop, you’ll become familiar with Voice Over. You’ll learn how the system works, its different gestures and its various intricacies.

You’ll learn about different ways to audit your app and find accessibility issues, and of course, how to fix them.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to tackle Voice Over customizations in a way that will make all your users feel included.


  • An overview of Voice Over, or how to use your phone with the screen turned off 😎
  • How to use Voice Over and Accessibility Inspector to audit your app
  • How to use UIAccessibility properties like:
    • Basic Accessibility Properties
    • UIAccessibilityCustomAction
    • Accessibility swipes
    • UIAccessibilityContainer


A Mac running the latest version of Xcode, and an iOS device with which to test using Voice Over, and ideally a pair of earphones.


Frank has been an active member of the iOS developer community since the time of felt and linen backgrounds. He loves to share his enthusiasm for iOS and Swift with students through straight-forward, easy to understand instruction.

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